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Wellness Coaching with
Dr. Williams
Wellness Coaching: Empower & Thrive

At our direct primary care practice, we empower patients to thrive in all aspects of their life. This includes an on-call doctor who specializes in wellness coaching. Total body health goes beyond simple prescription refills and annual appointments. This empowers patients in their healthcare journey so they can lead full, active lives. 

Learn more about wellness coaching with Dr. Williams.

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  • What is Direct Primary Care?
    Direct primary care -- also known as DPC -- is an innovative approach to accessible healthcare. Under the direct care model, patients enjoy a more comprehensive and flexible wellness plan, complete with longer appointments, same-day and next-day visits, medicine on demand, and a tailored approach to providing whole-body healthcare. In short, dpc puts patients in charge of their care - not insurance companies or large-scale clinics.
  • Is There a DPC Near Me?
    Dr. Williams' offers in-person care in Prince George's, Howard, Montgomery, and Anne Arundel counties in Maryland. You may also get access via virtual visits by phone or video in DC, Maryland, and Virginia. If you're in our community, we'd love to meet you!
  • What Difference Does an On-Call Doctor Make?
    If you've ever encountered an urgent health problem on a holiday or after hours, you understand the stress of rushing to urgent care - or worse, the ER! Long wait times can make getting the care you need incredibly difficult. In addition, staff must get caught up on your health history and typically only treat the immediate concern without regard for underlying issues or big-picture concerns. For example, a patient who suddenly gets a bad cold may be especially concerned due to underlying diabetes and blood pressure issues and be unsure of what medications are safe for them. They may hesitate to explain their situation to a large urgent care facility and struggle with long wait times. With a DPC model, your on-call doctor is available when and where you need them. Dr. Williams knows your history as well as, if not better than, your primary care physician due to the direct patient-doctor relationship and can quickly identify big-picture concerns. When it comes to preventative medicine, an on-call doctor is the best way to invest in your long-term health and wellness as you continue to thrive.
  • Do You Offer Telehealth within a DPC Practice?
    We offer phone, text, email, and, of course, video calls as part of our robust telehealth practice.
  • What About House Calls?
    Yes, we do house calls! Dr. Williams is available for house calls in Prince George's, Montgomery, Anne Arundel, and Howard Counties in Maryland, within 3 miles of Church Rd South, Kettering, MD 20774. House calls are possible outside that radius for an additional fee of $2/mile round-trip.
  • How Can I Communicate with My Physician?
    You can communicate with Dr. Williams per your preference via text, email, phone, or video. Our mission is to provide accessible healthcare for all lifestyle.
  • Do I Need Insurance to Utilize Dr. Williams' Services?
    No, our direct care practice operates as a no-insurance healthcare model via a membership plan. Our patients are so much more than a premium or a deductible. They are members of our community.
  • What if I Have Insurance but Would Rather Get on a Membership Plan?
    Absolutely! We welcome uninsured members as well as members of all circumstances. Many members prefer a direct care and direct payment approach to save on premiums, skip the pre-authorization, and feel more in charge of their wellness. We strongly encourage patients to consider having a traditional insurance plan with a high deductible or health sharing plan to cover healthcare costs not part of their regular primary care services such as hospitalizations, emergency care, or specialist care.
  • Does Dr. Williams Do Pediatric Care?
    Dr. Williams provides compassionate, empathetic care from nine years old to adult.
  • Are Membership Plans Customizable?
    Unlike traditional insurance-based practices, your membership with Dr. Williams on Call can be customized to best support your wellness needs. Learn more about the different membership tiers by exploring our pricing page. Have more questions? Our on-call doctor and team are here to help. Don't hesitate to reach out with any pending concerns or comments.
  • I Want to Take Control of My Wellness, but I Can't Attend Fitness Classes. What Are My Options?
    We understand that accessibility is often a barrier to leading a healthy lifestyle. As an on-call doctor, Dr. Williams proudly provides telehealth services to meet her patients exactly where they are, whether that's in the living room or the weight room. Virtual sessions are sensitive to physical limitations and abilities. These sessions may include meditation and wellness-focused fitness as well as more intensive home exercise regimens. Dr. Williams will work with you to provide suggestions for workout routines you can follow at home that do not require gym equipment. She will also develop a comprehensive plan with tools and resources to help you stay on track. Regular check-ins provide a kind, supportive environment to push you toward your goals.
What is Dr. Williams' Overall Wellness Coaching Approach?

Dr. Williams wants every member of our direct primary care practice to live their fullest and best lives. She understands that total body wellness is a harmony of physical and mental health. To truly succeed in our goals, we need a proactive support system cheering us on. That's where an on-call doctor will help. Anytime, anywhere you need support, we're here to empower your wellness journey.

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