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Coaching: Coming in Spring 2023
Dr. Williams' Mini Medical School and Goal Crusher Plan
Ready to Crush Your Goals?

Your complete total body wellness plan is available through a comprehensive DPC model with on-call doctor support and personalized education. This gold standard plan includes all the benefits of the Premium Plan plus education, a personal health plan, lifestyle coaching, and much more! Are you ready to be a goal crusher with Dr. Williams?

Online Meeting
Empowered Wellness Journey: Dedicated Support

This plan is NOT for the faint of heart! Total wellness requires dedication, discipline, and a "stop at nothing" attitude, but don't sweat it. You aren't in this alone. Dr. Williams will review your health goals with you, establish a personalized, achievable plan that fits your lifestyle, and provide support via regular follow-up communications and appointments.

Is your goal to focus on fitness? Your on-call doctor is also your personal trainer! Dr. Williams will come directly to you for an in-home exercise class or telehealth gym session. Together, we can identify challenge areas so that you can meet your goals more effectively and find results that stick.

Knowledge Empowers Wellness

You will also have access to Dr. Williams' Mini Medical School–a library of videos designed to answer your questions and help you better understand how your body works. Do you have questions about your wellness? Tired of relying on Google for answers such as; "Why do I have high blood pressure?” “What can I do to get rid of it or better control it?" "What is GFR, and why is it on all of my lab reports?" Get accurate answers and become an active partner in your healthcare journey.

Your wellness is your most precious asset. Dr. Williams is here to support you in investing in yourself.


Enrollment fee: $100*

6 Months: $1800, non-refundable, one-time fee

*All enrollment fees are non-refundable. 

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