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Your Wellness, On Your Time
Wellness Doesn't Wait

Wellness doesn't wait for a doctor's appointment. Your health is a 24/7 commitment that deserves comprehensive care, available whenever you need it.

You deserve accessible healthcare from a knowledgeable on-call doctor who knows your medical history and understands your unique wellness track. That's why Dr. Williams is dedicated to providing a patient-first approach to healthcare through a unique Direct Primary Care (DPC) model.If you've been searching for “DPC near me,” your on-call doctor is just an appointment away! Skip the line (and the germs) of urgent care, as well as the hassle and stress of the ER.

New to DPC?

Picture a vision of healthcare without the red tape. No insurance, no premiums, no long wait times. Just simple, direct care that evolves with your wellness journey. Dr. Williams offers same-day or next day appointments in your home. That's right; your doctor will come to you and support you in your healthcare goals. You can also schedule a telehealth visit whenever you need to speak to an on-call doctor.

Transparent Pricing

Pricing is set on a transparent scale with no surprise costs. There's no waiting for pre-approvals or hidden out-of-pocket fees and expenses. As a member you're approved! Our patients are members of our community. That means we're committed to providing consistent, affordable healthcare from an on-call doctor who knows you. Our community is made of people, not insurance card numbers. We're leading the no insurance healthcare revolution and providing a simpler, more efficient way to wellness.

Anytime. Anywhere.

Whether you're working towards achieving a healthier weight and more active lifestyle, or you’re managing your healthcare needs, we are there for you. Anytime. Anywhere.

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